Khaleeq R. Alfred

Khaleeq Alfred is a published action photographer with a passion deeply rooted in documenting the skateboard community; as well as expanding into the bike and blading community.

Khaleeq was born and raised in Harlem, New York. New York City has always been a diverse overcrowded area where Broadway, Time Square, and Central Park overrule the New York streets, until Khaleeq Alfred focused on the community of skaters when he was 16 years old. Immersing himself in film photography and focusing on the community of friends who skated, Alfred introduced the world to talented individuals. Focusing on the documentation of downhill, street, and freestyle skating, Khaleeq Alfred has gotten to travel the nation. Creating imagery that captivates the movement of skating, all the while Khaleeq Alfred stays active behind the camera, where he is found on a board as well.

Khaleeq attended Columbia College Chicago where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography, with a concentration in Commercial Photography.

While the pride and joy of his photography, much of his work has been seen published in magazines, websites, or advertisements around the world. 

Currently, he still heavily works with skateboarding, however he finds himself dabbling in other street action worlds and videography. Although digital executes the job properly you can be sure to find Khaleeq back at his roots photographing with medium format film.


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